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Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson Group, Inc.

Kelly has worked in the transportation industry for over 30 years in positions including US Coast Guard - Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Driver, Driver Trainer, Driver Recruiter, Safety Supervisor, and Safety Manager for a 1720 truck fleet. 



I'm Training My Drivers But It's Not Changing Behaviors. What Do I Do Now?!

Safety issues account for up to 20% of fleet turnover.  This is driven by the fact that many drivers see training as punishment rather than professional development.

As a result, drivers reluctantly take training courses and see it as a nuisance which drives dismal results at best. 

In this presentation Kelly Anderson, President of Kelly Anderson Group, will share techniques and best practices to create a culture of excellence in safety.  The policies, procedures, and programs outlined in this presentation can significantly improve your training outcomes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how carriers can successfully change key factors around compliance, safety and training, including:

- Results
- Culture
- Driver attitudes
- And more

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how you can improve your driver training for greater success!

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