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Amanda Schuier
Senior Vice President
Quality Transport

Robert Ramirez
Director of Sales



Dealing with Data Overload: One Carrier's Journey

In our connected world, virtually every piece of technology generates data that can be collected, analyzed, and used to improve operations. But while data today is plentiful, it’s a challenge for carriers who are always short on time and resources to make the insights actionable. 

Amanda Schuier of Quality Transport found herself suffering from data overload (and data conflict!) and shares the problems she set out to solve with technology, how she accelerated implementation and adoption during a pandemic, and how the result helps her company “cut through the noise.”

In this webinar, you’ll learn how carriers can successfully:
• Level-up your tech stack
• Accelerate adoption by “running vs walking”
• Open your eyes to a 360-degree view of your operation
• Put data to work to improve safety, increase capacity, and rightsize your fleet

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