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Dylan Tinney



Predictive Hiring: Driver Recruiting in the Post-COVID Era

Trucking carriers have been recruiting and hiring drivers the same old way over the past 25 years with limited success in driver turn-over & retention. With the driver shortage an ongoing concern, many carriers are turning to a new and better method: Predictive hiring.

Hear how predictive hiring can help you improve your hiring and retention, with:

• Drivers logging up to 25% more miles
• One-third the injury rate
• 67% fewer missed days and restricted duty
• Turnover reduced up to 42%

• And more

You’ll hear from an expert how and why the system works based on over 25 years of experience with nearly 500,000 drivers.

Don’t continue wasting time and money on high driver turnover; learn how you can hire better and improve your driver retention. Watch now!

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