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Dean Croke


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Ryan Camacho



How Small and Midsized Carriers Can Harness the Power of Data

Technology has provided larger carriers with a plethora of data for some time, but what about owner operators and small- to medium-size carriers? How can you extract meaningful data without spending a fortune, and how do you use it to improve your bottom line?

Hear from DAT Principal Industry Analyst Dean Croke, ATBS Founder/President/CEO Todd Amen, and Axele Director of Business Development Ryan Camacho as they answer:

  • What do the indicators for 2021 tell us in terms of equipment purchases, capacity, dropping spot rates and higher contract rates?
  • How does big picture data and benchmarked data help carriers build and maintain competitive programs?
  • How does industry data help an owner operator decide whether to run for a carrier or under their own authority, and in what industry segment?
  • How is changing accessibility to technology, specifically for owner operators and small/medium carriers, making profitability easier to attain?
  • What can operational data together with marketing intelligence do to improve your bottom line?
  • And more

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